How does pledging points work?⁠

Points with Purpose acts as a liaison between verified nonprofits facilitating travel and those seeking reproductive care. Once an opportunity to donate points in your loyalty program becomes available, we will contact you with next steps.

How many points do I need?

There is no minimum requirement. All pledges are both welcome and needed.

What if I need the points later?

Pledging is just an expression of interest. Should you need the points prior to donation later, that is fine. There is no requirement to donate.

Can I donate money or vouchers?

We will soon provide more details on travel funds accepting cash donations. You may also enter any vouchers you wish to pledge on our form.

Is my information secure?

All responses are encrypted and stored securely. We designed the pledging process to collect the least amount of information possible. Your information will only be shared with verified non-profits if necessary to make a donation. It will not be shared under any other circumstances

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. We’ve created a completely anonymous pledge form that does not record IP addresses or browser data. You may wish to use this form if you live in area where aiding abortion may be illegal.

We strongly recommend use of an email anonymizer as well. You may also use a pseudonym instead of a real name on the pledge form.